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Die Wirtschaft in Griechenland beginnt langsam sich zu stabilisieren und die Entwicklung in der Welt fördert neue Programme wie zum Beispiel das GOLDEN VISA PROGRAMM von der griechischen Regierung. Dieses Programm bringt viel Geld in den Immobilienbereich und auch das entsprechende Publikum dazu. Lesen Sie hierzu die folgenden Artikel in der Presse und die Informationen zu diesem Programm weiter unten.
Es ist Zeit zum handeln , starten sie jetzt.

The economy in Greece is slowly beginning to stabilize and world development is encouraging new programs such as the GOLDEN VISA PROGRAM by the Greek government. This program brings a lot of money in the real estate sector and also the appropriate audience. Read the following articles in the press and the information on this program below.
It's time to act, start now.

Greece’s Golden Visa Program (Open content in a new window)

Greece issued thousands of Golden Visas
By the end of 2016, more than 5,000 so-called Greek Golden Visas had been issued by Greece to third-country investors and their relatives.The Greek Ministry of Economy and Growth recently organized a meeting with factors in the real estate market and various law firms active in the promotion of the Greek Golden Visa program.
The specific program offers citizens of so-called third countries and members of their families residence permits if they invest more than € 250,000 in real estate or any other investment activity in Greece. Holders of such "titles" can move freely throughout the EU.
Most of the "golden visas" of Greece went to Chinese.
As of December 31, 2017, 1,573 residence permits had been granted to real estate investors, with the country of first choice being the 664-rated buyer in China, followed by Russia in second place with 348, Egypt in third place with 77, Lebanon No. 4 with 73 and the Ukraine in 5th place with 67 permits. If the (altogether 3,809) residence permits issued to relatives of the respective investors are also included, the first countries are China with 1,580, Russia with 787, Iraq with 211, Lebanon with 203 and Egypt with 179 permits. Quelle:

Greece attracts investors with residence permits
reece attracts wealthy investors and third-country homebuyers with residence permits valid throughout the EU.
The procedures for issuing and renewing a permit to stay in Greece have been particularly simplified for nationals of third countries investing "strategically". The same applies to officials (and members of their families) for whom the granting of a residence permit is considered a necessary condition for the smooth implementation of the investment plan in question.
At the same time, the number of documents required is extremely low, so that all persons from outside the EU, who will buy real estate worth more than 250,000 euros, or third country nationals, who are leasing a property for at least 10 years Residence permit received.
Residence permits also for staff and family members.
The above relief will come after the new development law came into effect in April 2013, with a specific article referring to residence permits for investors from third countries. The Deputy Minister of the Interior, Mr Charalampos Athanasiou, subsequently amended the decision of the Minister of the Interior No 933 / 16.01.2009 on "Determination of the documents required for the issue and renewal of the residence permit in accordance with the provisions of N. 3368/2005".
With two new Ministerial Decisions, he added two new categories of citizens of third countries to the previous one in connection with the issue and renewal of a residence permit. Under the heading "Development of Strategic Investments", he specified the documents for the acquisition and renewal of a residence permit which will be needed by all those who belong to the following categories:
- Citizen of a third country who is the legal representative of the carrier of the strategic investment.
- Citizens of third countries deemed necessary for the smooth operation of the strategic investment.
- Members of the legal representative family and officials who have been deemed necessary for the smooth 
  operation of the strategic investment.

- Citizens of third countries who are needed as auxiliary staff.
It also mentions the documents required for the acquisition of a residence permit, which citizens of third countries, who own at least 250,000 euros of property in Greece, are entitled to. They have been assigned to the following categories:
- Citizens of third countries who are the sole owners or joint owners of property in Greece after ownership, ownership and ownership. For these is required:
-- Copy of the contract for the purchase of one or more properties worth at least 250,000 euros.
-- Certificate from the notary that the purchase contract meets the conditions set by the Development Act.
-- Transcription document of the responsible mortgage register / cadastre office.
-- Certificate from an insurance company covering the costs of hospitalization and medical care.
- Citizens of third countries who have immovable property in Greece through a legal entity whose entire shares or
   shares are held by them.
- Citizens of third countries, who have completed at least 10 years rental of hotel accommodation or furnished
   apartments in tourist complexes.
In addition, it should be noted that holders of Greek residence permits may legally move within the rest of the EU. Especially for certain interested parties from visa-bound third countries, the "topping-out" of a free ticket for the entire EU could therefore be an additional incentive to proceed to the purchase or long-term rental of a property in Greece.